May 27, 2014



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This is a tale of a group of sophisticated gay New Yorkers who befriend an innocent young man from Iowa freshly out of the closet. 

Over the next 10 years he has an intimate relationship with everyone at the party. The story is told in reverse. Each scene takes place 2 years earlier. Each scene we meet a new character. Yes, it's a little confusing - but it's bracingly raw and really impressive. 

It all starts out in 2010 when we first meet Evan a young man. He is now breaking up with Peter - a classic drama queen. Now we see him making out with Mark who has green card marriage. Now remember, we are now in 2006. He is in a hospital where he is visited by Michael, his original contact with the group. Yes going backward is a little strange. But Michael is a friend to everyone, but lover of none. O.K. backward we go again. We are now in 2004. We discovered 'Tam' a fag hag teacher who has a token marriage to British Mark. You can now get ready for a Halloween Party. In 2002 he fights off the attention of the other Mark, Peter's former partner. Yes, it's a little goofy - but such fun. 

In the 2000 years - we are back at the original party. The host Collin, has just broken up with Tom - but he is on the rebound. He sweeps Evan off his feet. 

The play is full of snappy dialog  a 'la Boys in the Band. This one I like the best. In most scenes there are some reasons for the boys to take of his clothes - but you don't get to see everything. 

Matt Weimer is a standout as the campy Peter. In contrast, he plays very macho real images of normal life. At least in his life.

You like emotions and laughter? Then get ready for the laugh fest of the year. The sexual situations are very tame. Sexy yes- but not overwhelming. The language is no more strong than any other stage situation. The show is fantastically funny. Thats what funny and entertaining amore evenings are for.

Love this quote: "I'm not even cute enuf to fake the pain!" Oh, please try.  Try the Homoflexuals --they are also fun. 

The Best in Years! 

HERE ARE THE BRILLIANT ACTORS: Scott Cox, Keith Marshall, Daniel Redmond, Robert Rushin, Gabriel Ross, Alyssa Stone and Matt Weimer. 

PRODUCTION: Stage Manager Manager - Emilio-Rancinez. Scenic Design - Yusuke Soi, Lighting Design - Christian Mejia -  Costume Design - Wes Crain. Sound Design - AudioZephyrus. Technical Director - Paul Collins. And...Casting Director - Lori Fowler. 


THE HOMOSEXUALS by Philip Dawkins 
Directed by Arturo Catricala 

RATING: SIX STARS****** (highest rating) - or drink Six Glasses of Champagne!!!!!!!

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