May 10, 2014


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42nd Street Moon


The Broadway show (the final Broadway hit of the 30's) was actually one of the most fun for the 1930s - and most likely more people then really laughed enormously at Broadway shows. It was Star Time. Now it's your turn. 

In those days there was Ethel Merman, Betty Grable, and Gypsy Rose Lee and Bert Lahr. You of course remember Lahr also in "The Wizard of Oz. He was the cowardly Lion. 

Cole Porter's show 'Du Barry Was A Lady' was dynamite. And -- it seems to be another "Laugh your head off". Sure there were a few slow paces -- but the Music brings us to the Dynamite singers and Dancers on the 42nd Street Moon Stage. 

It may not be on the screen -- but it has that cinematic staging that's downright amazing! It is so much fun to watch the freshness of this delight. Loved the costumes, hairdos and a handsome cast. Yep - it illuminates! You couldn't hire a better crew. Well, you could hire me -- but lets not do that -- I don't want to destroy the fun. 

It seems that a nightclub wash room attendant quits his job when he wins the irish Sweepstakes. Someone gives him knock-out drugs and he 'awakens' to find himself on the throne as King Louis XV in 18th century France. 

Here are a few ditties from Cole Porter classics: "Well, Did You Evah?" (The Evah could have come out a little stronger) - but still fun. Also liked "Friendship" and the ever lovely "Do I Love You?" Yes or No? Oh, and do get excited about "Give Him the Oo-La-La". It's just your style. 

What really dazzles is the Gorgeous costumes and the gorgeous girls and gorgeous guys. And of course the charming leading man (Bruce Vilanch) in this old-fashioned musical will keep you entertained for EVAH! Oh and you might want to scratch your head when you get puzzled. Hey -- there's a lot of hair on top of Vilanch.  

The musical is truly nutty as the screwball story practically leaps from the stage. Vilanch as a King is a little far-fetched - but it's now safe to be seen in his Royal Robes. But what could be better than to be seen wearing all kinds of baubles. They won't stick around for EVAH YA KNOW!


THE INVENTIVE LUMINESCENT CAST IS A BLEND OF DRAMA AND ROMANCE: Here they are: Bruce Vilanch -Ashley Rae Little  - Nicole Renee Chapman - Ryan Drummond - Roy Eikleberry - Rudy Guerrero - Kathryn Han - Adrienne Herro - Katherine Leyva - Jack Mosbacher - Anthony Rollins-Mullens  plus Nathaniel Rothrock and Abby Sammons - and Jordan Sidfield. They all gave us 'boldness and originality'. A Powerhouse ensemble. 

RATING: FIVE STARS*****or you might like Five Glasses of Champagne*****or both.  

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