September 29, 2009


Pictured: The cast of "First Day of School." Photo: Zebrina Tipton.

Buzzin – Lee Hartgrave


Well, at this school you would expect to see student activities for the first days of school. They are: Introduce yourself…seating chart…and energizers. You know -- the kind of activities that will energize your new friends. But in this stage play the Teachers take it to a new level.

They do introduce themselves by saying to a fellow Teacher. “Do you want to have Sex with me?” Instead of a seating chart, it turns out to be a bed. And for energizers – a little glass of wine or more will do the trick.
I can guarantee you lots of fun.

After one roll in the hay – one of the characters says after a session. “That lasted a lot longer than our reading group!” And I might add – “Breathless.”
Two teachers (husband and wife) – think they need to spice up their lives. How about this – “We could try having sex with other people.” She tells another teacher about the “Group” sex thing that they have planned. “My Husband is an amazing multi-tasker.” And, yes he is. Not that I personally was part of it – but it might be something to think over.

One actor gives a blow-by-blow description like a sportscaster. Yes, they do sort of throw Balls around but not footballs. And for those of you that are into it – there is also some nipple pinching. Some men like it and apparently go wild when you do it. This fantastically funny new comedy by Billy Aronson is really terrific. You may not actually have sex yourself – but you will be exhausted by osmosis. It’s like you did the deed along with the outrageous actors.

AND THEY ARE: ZEHRA BERKMAN (Susan), BILL ENGLISH (David), Jackson Davis (Peter), Marcia Pizzo (Kim), Stacy Ross (Alice), Torie Laher (Belinda) and Myles Landberg (Jonah). All together they are the best ensemble players I have seen this year.

It’s a real winner – everyone will enjoy! “A seductive comic touchdown. And I do mean touchdown!”

The fantastic directing is by Chris Smith.

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

(((Lee Hartgrave has contributed many articles to the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Datebook and has produced a long-running Årts Segment on PBS KQED)))