March 5, 2014



How about this? What starts out as a cozy little family turns out to be not what we would expect. During the full moon - Andrew Nance, with his Southern Drawl, gets hugs and kisses from his wife. But does he know that his wife has been cheating on him? 

There are family secrets, and I'm not talking Jewels. One is the wife of the family. She cheats on her hunky hubby (bad girl). The good-looking son is a hunk of a football player. Suddenly he becomes very sick. 

There are many problems in this household- and they have to step carefully over the rattlesnake around the house. She's a soul Nurse - she thinks. The woman (a real bitch) wants to turn everyone around in the neighborhood into what she wants. Talk about a real witch. She is what has been breaking up an entire household. 

Damon Matthews (Dayne) is the football hunk. And, no doubt about it - he really is one. Ali Haas (Gracie) is his sister. She can't stop talking. Andrew Nance (Bobby) is one of the best Actors around. He is perfect for this play. Linsay Rousseau (Timothea) is notable and scary with her witchcraft. Maurice Andre' San-Chez (Kendall) couldn't be better as the bubbly friend that moves in with the used to be perfect family. The Mother (Dan Zook) made a mistake in this cozy house. She cheated on her hubbie. Everyone in this cast is memorable. It's exciting entertainment performed by an exceptional blaze of genius theatre-going. 

The play is not all Sad -- there is some cheeky humor for the whole family. All in all, the Del Shores play is undeniably gripping. 

RATING: Five Glasses of Champagne***** (highest rating) 


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