March 4, 2014


by Lee Hartgrave

The Italians and their religious routes are faithfully-driven to patron saints. That's where you'll find all kinds of Teatro Festivals and Italia affairs. 

Hoards of curious people drop by for many favors. Oh yes, the Italians are so giving. Even the poor. 

However, they have many secrets to keep to themselves. The most spectacular events are in the outdoors. Italians don't miss the passion plays and events in the streets and don't forget the Pasta. They all gather to witness the phenomenon. Eating that is. 

NAPOLI at A.C.T. is a marvelous wonder. The Italian families have suffered a lot. They have been ravaged by war - especially by a World War. Now it's going to be their turn make happy. 

Even though the family has little food and very tired looking clothes, the comedia del arte bends the audience over with laughter. In the first act there is a very drab set. They have little money, but the Mother hides what she can find, so that she can give her clan some changes in life. 

ACT TWO: Things are different. At least for awhile. Suddenly the home looks like they came across a palace. Where did they get all that money? You'll have to find that out. The plot is very interesting. Stars are born -- Wow! 

Happy moments in Napoli seemingly help neighbors. Suddenly the mother has made the house look stunning and money is rolling along. The play is a 'Tad' long -- but the now high brow Italians keep their secrets. The curious want to know, where did all the money come from? The Mother arranges to get around all of the nosey people. Even the husband wonders where all the money came from. He is very, very suspicious man. 

This exhilarating and witty play will stick with your mind for weeks. All of the Italians around come to see the new refreshed home. They Drink, they Party -- and take advantage of some things in the house. People will do that - but the minutes fly by, with comic Genius.  

Enjoy "Napoli" -- this play is great fun- the patron saints are watching. Hail to the Italians. They will stir up much flurry. You can bet on it!  

THE CAPTIVATING TALENTED CAST: Marco Barricelli, Seana McKenna, Nick Gabriel, Blair Busbee, Dion Macciacito, York Walker, Mike Ryan, Anthony Fusco, Sharon Lockwood, Lisa Kitchens, Gabe Marin, Gregory Wallace, Aaron Moreland, Lateefah Holder, Danielle Frimer, Kemiyondo Coutinh, Asher Grodman, and Dillon Heape.

RATING: Five Glasses of Champagne*****
(highest rating) 

By Eduardo DeFilippo
Directed by Mark Rucker 



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