March 7, 2014



Certainly has a bundle of creative sparks 

Hey, if you're looking to spend an evening out with friends, having a few drinks and shouting out hilarious jokes about situations- then Mommie is better than Joan Crawford. 

Mommy Queerest is kind of like"Alice in Wonderland" -- only this young teenager (Kat) finds out that the yellow brick road is not the road that Kat had intended. What happened? Well her Ruby slippers got a little rusty when Kat found out that Mommy found out eventually that they are both lesbians. 

Kat (the stand-up comic) gives the audience the most hilarious evening of coming-out that I have ever seen and heard. The full house audience was bent over with laughter. 

Kat Evasco and John Caldon has produced dozens of new works between the two geniuses. Caldon is the co-writer and director of 'Mommy". He has expanded Kat's wildly funny solo evening evenings. Evasco is all of this: She is a Filipina lesbian, gay Christian, and a survivor -- and one hell of a talent. 

This fabulous evening of entertainment by Kat Evasco. She and Mom are braced for the night. Kat - the Lesbian daughter and her closed Lesbian Mom reclaim their sexuality. Now they have decided to celebrate sexuality. IT'S A COMING OUT EVENING! One that you won't forget. Hurry - the evening ends on March 29th at 8pm - Fridays & Saturdays at Exit Theatre. 

THE GLORIOUS RUBY SLIPPERS TEAM: Kat Evasco (co-writer/performer), John Caldon (co-writer/director), Julien Elstob, has designed the lighting and for many Theaters. Sound Design is by Alejandro D. Acosta, Ryan Marchand is a movement and theater artist and veteran theater producer Joan Osato is the production advisor and tour manager. 

Highest Rating: Five Glasses of Champagne*****

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