December 29, 2011


Lea Delaria will appear at the Victorian Theatre. Photo: Facebook


Well – here’s the deal. I know when NOT to see a play, musical or movie when the “Little Man” is jumping out of the chair in what could be called the “Masturbating position.” My take – I usually avoid anything recommend by the Little Man.
I miss Elizabeth Taylor. I loved talking to her – she was so down to earth. Liz told me a little secret once about her ex ‘Larry’. She said that she saved ‘Larry’s’ Life. – “It was my voice that saved his life” – she said at the Fairmont. Interesting…but is the laying of hands next for Celebs? Just wondering.
Real movie stars are non-existent these days. Gone are the Hollywood Greats. What you get now is heaving breasts, overly sexual scenes, drugs and cheap tacky romance. Occasionally there will be a really great, humanized movie that comes along – but not to often. I don’t want to pay just to see anorexic waifs playing loud boom boxes on the screen.
SHUCKS – even “Greater Tuna” had more class than the trash on the big screen. I’ll never forget “Vera Camp” in the Tuna Musicals. And who could resist the “Smut Snatchers?

Our own homegrown Theatre Rhino is doing quite well since they moved from 16th Street. And I am happy for John Fisher, who is putting on some fabulous shows at various venues around town. “Sex Rev” – starring Tom Orr. It was one of the most popular musicals this season. I hope that it opens again soon. But right now John Fisher (Rhino) has Lea Delaria coming to S.F. with her hilarious – one-woman show in her New Year’s Eve Show called -- “The Last ‘Butch’ Standing” -- at the Victoria Theatre – 7 & 9pm Saturday, 2961 16th Street. Remember – It’s ‘BUTCH’—not “Bitch!” There is also music to be heard. Delaria will sing “The Ballad of “Sweeny Todd” among others.

IT WAS 1963 THAT THIS WAS IN A MAGAZINE CALLED “Plays and Players.” “The writer wrote: -- “I hear that as a result of the exhaustive preparations for the spectacular Shakespeare exhibition to be mounted in Stratford-on-Avon next year for the four hundredth anniversary of the poet’s death all manner of previously undiscovered material relating to his private life has been unearthed. Establishing beyond all shadow of reasonable doubt that he was both a Catholic & a homosexual. I also understand that the exhibition organizers are now following up a theory that he was also a black man.” Written by Anonymous.

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Kim Nalley and Houston Person. Courtesy Photo RRazz Room

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