January 20, 2013





“NOTHING’S GONNA STOP THEM NOW!” As usual, with outstanding guitar work and the fantastic local effects – you won’t fall asleep. You could actually sit on the steps outside of 1000 Van Ness—and your butt will still be jiggling along to the beat. In fact one of the musicians said: “I don’t think those movie theatres in the building are going to like this.

Like a real “StarShip in space – the Ship knows how to whirl around the enjoyable music. Yes, everyone in the audience was bobbing their head from side to side and front to back. I guess it was good exercise. Something however about the new Rrazz Room on Van Ness was the music. It was just a little tiny bit too loud. Loved the songs – but the volume kinda covered up some the beautiful words. Also – I have another request. Could maybe the “Starship” friends give us a hint of what they are singing? Sure, I know some of the songs – and they are spectacular arrangements. The Rock and Pop songs do some neat blending along the rail, but I think the audience would really love it more if we could just grab onto the Starships tail.

There is Major, Major talent on this stage, there is no doubt about it. The music is truly awesome. And the band couldn’t be better. They had lots of fun up there on that stage – but the musical blast sent us up above mars. A little mellowness (which they did at times) would really be best. I’ve seen Jefferson Starship talent before and overall, I would recommend this show – and I certainly will look for them again at the Rrazz. They ended with a magnificent closer. And that had everyone standing up in the back of the room and rocking and rolling.

NOW PLAYING AT “Live at the Rrazz Room” – 1000 Van Ness at O’Farrell.

RATING: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) – trademarked-

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