January 24, 2013




DIRECT FROM NEW YORK’S ‘CAFÉ CARYLE’ IS THE ACCLAIMED SINGER Clint Holmes, named Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year three times. He sings everything ranging from contemporary to jazz to Broadway – you will be amazed as he sings the most beautiful music in the world.

When Holmes sings the great songs of Cole Porter and Paul Simon and Porter we get to enjoy Simon's 'Love' and Porter's 'What is This Thing Called Love?  It’s more than “Just One of Those things” – Porter. One of my favorites was “Bridge Over troubled water” – Simon.

There is a whole bunch of great music on the Rrazz stage – you’ll find that out during the show. Clint Homes has taken this great music and made it fresh and bright again. Great melodies and lyrics have inspired on many stages – Clint's vocals wow the audiences. He is not just a voice. If you have a fascination with rhythmic music, then this show is for you. It sure is for me. Holmes doesn’t just sing – he creates as he goes along. He does new and innovative ways to make the songs young and fresh again.

Experiment is the word. Holmes is not afraid to bend some of the music in new ways. The diversity of his music set is absolutely fascinating. Some of the songs are rollicking and some are sweet. Many tell us stories that bring back memories. And the band behind Holmes gives us another edge – another way for us to appreciate new sounds.

Fantastic songs deserve great singers. Holmes is one of those guys. Yep, he’s a guy that can twist and turn a lyric into new ways to listen to them. One thing I liked about this show is that they actually have talent. And, that’s a surprise. Clint Holmes is a true vocal master. Don’t let this show get away. You still have a few nights left. I think he will be one of the most remembered Talents around.

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

THE TIMES: Thurs, 1/24 – 8pm. Fri. 1/25 – 7pm. Sat – 1/26, 7pm. Sunday 1/27 5pm.

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