May 15, 2011


Alexander Alioto and Lauren English. Photo: Jessica Palopoli


To say that ‘Reborning’ will take you to a place that you will never forget is putting it mildly. The play has deep and dark moments. A young woman is busily happy making custom made dolls. The Doll Maker has a strange weird business. You see -- she makes dolls in the image of children, for parents who lost their child early in life. Basically, she is ‘reborning’ the child to exact instructions from the mother.

On one hand this is a loving and tender play. But, don’t be fooled. Suddenly the play is full of surprises. Sweetness and light turns into smoldering passion for the life like dolls. Creepy? Yes!  But, take my word for it – this is easily the best play of the season. The powerful acting makes this story totally unforgettable. Emotions will involve you. I even shed some tears. And that’s not easy for me.

Also unique in this spectacular adrenaline blast – is the technical wizardry that allows the audience to get a close up on how the Dolls look so life like. I’ve locked my Frank Sinatra Doll up.

Josh Costello directs this sizzling play. Lauren English returned from New York to play the lead role of ‘Doll Maker’.
English takes her multiplex formula of acting to new, higher levels that range from utterly scary to terrifying. Alexander Alioto is brilliant as the boyfriend of the ‘Doll Maker’. Alioto delivers the best performance I’ve seen this year. Not arguably – but, THE BEST! Then there is Lorri Holt’s crowning achievement in the play. As usual she is precise and focused.

My advice – take someone with you!


RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) – 

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