April 22, 2014


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He's a King at getting what he wants. And what he wanted got him in jail. Yep - he goes from a mansion to behind bars. His daughter worries about him. But, actually - she does more sleeping than worrying. She also wants to become a drummer in the Band. That fails. She doesn't have the talent for Indie Rock Concerts. Maybe later.

Lucy gets involved with many prospective suitors - even one who is blind and handsome. But not to worry - the musical is a Wiz Bang surprise. Lucy even dates the good looking Blind Man. At first she pouts -- she is not sure that she wants to be seen with a blind guy. Hey, this is a modern day mix-up with all kinds of fairy tales. Lucy's father is locked up. He hopes to get out from behind bars. His Daughter Lucy is a kinda sleepy time girl. You know - like sleeping beauty. 

I'm a person who loves to go to theater. It makes me happy. Sure, there are a few flaws here and there - but enjoying watching talented individuals on stage gives me energy on the stage - it actually seems to give me solar-power.

Here's the thing. 'Sleeping Cutie' is a modern-day fairy tale - with music by Composer Doug Katsaros. He and his pals are just great. The boys on the stage really can whiz around the music. The dancing is impressive. It gave me major goosebumps from the stage - absolutely stunning. The singing and the music is uniformly quite wonderful. Although most of the singing is swell -- I was really overwhelmed with Gwen Loeb. What a voice. It's unexpected. It's time to celebrate the unforgettable. Impressive also, is John Patrick Moore. He manages to make quick changes so fast that you hardly know that he is the same guy. What a wiz!   

Here is the marvelous Cast: Jesse Caldwell* (Father); Luke Chapman (Charlie); Marissa Joy Ganz* (Lucy); Buzz Halsing* (Man 2); Gwen Loeb* (Woman); John Patrick Moore (Man 1) and Stephanie Prentice (Mary). 

RATING: Five Stars*****or would you prefer Five Glasses of Champagne*****

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