March 13, 2013



JEALOUSY PLUS OBSESSION is at the top of this comedy/tragedy. There are two Acts in this play. The first keeps you laughing as Mendy takes over the stage, with his engaging bitchy comments. He talk constantly about Maria Callas, the Opera Singer. Mendy actually wants to be just like Callas. He has lost one of the singers Records. Yes, they had big records that you put on a phonograph in those days. And no they didn't have any Apps then or a Crank on the side of the machine.  But for a very fluttering vicious Opera Queen, Mendy is one of the most memorable characters that I have ever seen on the stage. Here is a quote - "How many tears are we supposed to shed?" Here's another zinger "Sutherland? I hate Sutherland!" referring to another Opera Star. Love this snippet: - He has Balls - he just doesn't wear them on his sleeves!" 

Most of the talking is from Mendy who constantly obsesses about Opera singers. Menday and his friend Stephen, go on and on about various Opera Singers. Who is the best and isn't? Well, it turns out that it always ends up being Callas. The first act is absolutely hilarious. The second Act is very serious. No jokes here. Mendy's friend Stephen is trying to make kup with Mike (Phillippe Gosselin). But like a house of Phonograph records -- the walls fall down around them. A young good looking man comes out of the Bathroom naked (Adam Roy). Stephen is having a nervous breakdown that turns into an emotional palette. 
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Stephen is plotting on how to get rid of the younger man who is showering together with (his lover Mike). It all ends up badly in the last act. Not what you would expect during the ending of the last Act.  "See It! Explosively Good!" 

THE POSTIVELY TERRIFIC CAST: Philippe Gosselin, Adam Roy, Michael Sally and Matt Weimer. 

Written by Terrance McNally. Directed by Dennis Lickteig. Time: 1988. Place: New York City. 

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) -trademarked- 

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