September 9, 2012



 ‘The Passion of the Crawford’

“Lucky Stiff” – Go! You can have a blast!

John Epperson is famed as ‘Lypsinka’. And he is in perfect Crawford Drag in this hilarious and amazing performance at The Rrazz Room. Epperson cleverly edits interview clips, with her co-star and another Actor play out interviews and speeches given by Crawford. .  Lypsinka (Crawford) in one fantastic loud ringing telephone sequence, becomes annoying – but the fun tight conversations take over your mind. Crawford (Lypsinka) talks back and forth with two phones that really ring loud. How crazy is that?

Lypsinka puts on her Crawford look as she glances around the room. She says: “I never knew there was so much love.” Is it love or self love? Well we know the answer to that - don’t we?

Lypsinka uses recordings of Joan Crawford (John Epperson) and another terrific actor) - banter back and forth with interviews and speeches by Crawford. Fame of course is an addiction – and no one is more famous in famous Hollywood than Crawford.

This show at the Rrazz room is a “Master-Class” of entertainment. Lypsinka’s timing is a great accomplishment. He is one of the Great Actors of his Generation. Perfection!
Here is a Crawford quote: “I’ve sold Joan Crawford for so long -- all I have to do now is sell Pepsi Cola!” Love it! 


RATING: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

A Musical Murder Mystery Farce!

This musical was first produced at the Olney Theatre in Maryland (May 1989). It starred Evan Papas and the show won the Helen Hayes Award for Best Musical and Pappas won as Best Actor in a Musical.

There is a studio cast recording (1994). The musical had its British debut at the Theatre royal in Lincoln. And that prompted more premieres.

Now, we come to the extraordinary Center Repertory Company of Walnut Creek that is headed by Michael Butler - Artistic Director and Scott Denison - Managing Director.

How would you like to find out that you stand to inherit $6,000.000 from an Uncle? But there is a catch. The unassuming English shoe salesman is overwhelmed with his inheritance – but there is a catch. Harry only gets the dough if he takes his dead Uncles’ corpse on a trip to Monte Carlo. It’s either that or all the money will go to the uncle’s favorite Charity, the Universal Dog Home. Those Attorneys think of everything – don’t they? 

Poor Harry. This Satire takes Harry on a trip like none you’ve ever seen before. He literally drags the dead Uncles Wheel Chair to fulfill his Uncles wishes. But, that’s not all. Harry meets a bunch of really, goofy characters that are also in hot pursuit of the Uncle’s money.

By the way – there is a Movie in the Works. If I were you, I would see the play first. Then you can tell the Movie fans that you saw the play first. From the play: Here are a couple of quotes – A Woman is pointing a Gun:  “Nobody move. And nobody better not say a thing about these Glasses!” I love this one: “You don’t think I’m the kind of girl who goes out and has fun – do you?”


Tielle Baker, Evan Boomer, Lynda DiVito, Taylor Jones, Marcus Clinger, Dani Marcus, Keith Pinto, Benjamin Pither, Joel Roster and Colin Thomson. – “Filled with Sterling performances!”

Directed and Choreographed by Robert Barry Fleming. Musical Direction by Brandon Adams. GREAT JOB!

RATING: Three Glasses of Champagne!!! –trademarked- 

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