June 10, 2011


Rrazz Room Photo by Pat Johnson



Pia Zadora has probably picked herself up and started all over again as many times as her namesake Piaf. Now, after a 15- year gap she is back to prove that her 15 minutes of fame was not just a flash in the pan.

Zadora bounds onto the stage dressed in show biz chic. Her outfit – a sparkly white jacket and black pants give her that movie star look. She is petite and trim. With her blond bob and bangs – she sure lights up the stage.

Whatever-ish she is – she doesn’t look it. The peppy
Star coyly admits to being 50’ish. But, she doesn’t look it. Her personality is definitely thirty some-thing.

Zadora launches into a program of strong show stopping standards like: When Or Where; Maybe This Time and a Sinatra Medley.  She does a fun Duet with her Daughter Kady ("Happy Days") – and everyone was happy with that. Kady also sang “Angels” and a very special “Over The Rainbow. C’est Si Bon is always a fun song to hear – and Zadora takes it to the hilt with a passionate punch.

On Thursday night, she had this wonderful band: Vincent Falcone, Musical director/piano – Jose A Rodriquez, Trumpet – Dean Hubbard, Trombone – Charlie McCarthy, sax -- Larry Dunlap, synthesizer -- Al Obidinski, bass -- Tom Duckworth, drums – Steve Erquiaga and Joe Lano, guitar.

Kady, Pia’s daughter is a big, beautiful brunette. Their duet – “Happy” raises the roof. Kady has had her up and downs in show biz also. Previously cast as a Munchkin and a Wicked Witch, she now soars effortlessly “Over the Rainbow” with the lush eight-piece Orchestra.

Pia comes back on stage in a beautiful slinky black Bob Mackie original. Coveted by several audience members including a guy. The evening’s set continues to go from strength to strength with versions of “City Lights and “The Man That Got Away.” And yes, there were standing ovations.

To those who used to think that Pia Zadora was a joke. Well, the jke’s on them. You still have a few days to see this spectacular exciting musical treat starring Zadora, her daughter and a passionate Band.

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) – 
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