April 9, 2012


Mark Anderson Phillips, Lynda DiVito, Mark Farrell 
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“Rumors” is a farce that frolics in plot situation with high-flying, edgy slapstick. The cast delivers each situation with physical agility, hiding out, gunfire and running around frantically among all the rich furnishings. But even the trendy has their problems.

This is a home that was built for the ultra rich Doctors, Lawyers and wanna be Mayors. They must somehow get themselves out of a tangled web of money, servants, ditzy wife’s and husband’s follies.

In the posh suburban home, a party was supposed to be an event. But when the invited come in they find that the servants are missing, and they can’t seem to find the host. Then they hear a gunshot from an upstairs bedroom. It appears that the deputy mayor of New York – has shot himself through the earlobe. He was depressed, and took some Valium. Lucky for him, he missed his head and he only shot his ear. The guests all decided to keep the shooting secret from the local police.

There is more craziness. It involves car wrecks -- and an eccentric wife who has a cooking show. Her name naturally is “Cookie”. Love this line: “You’re running for State Senator. I wouldn’t run for you - for Chinese food!”

Things begin to settle down – after Lenny makes up a wild story to keep the cops off the track. But, ooops…there is one more thing. Something strange is going on in the basement. And guess what? I'm not going to give you the ending.

This production at Center Rep. Theatre in Walnut Creek is a “Perfect Gem!” In the play is the “Best Acting ensembles that I have seen in ages!” It’s an absolute can’t miss! The cast truly burns up the stage.

THE EXHILARATING ACTORS THAT SET A NEW GOLD STANDARD - ARE: Michael Butler (Ernie) “Gripping”, Amanda Denison (Officer) “One of the best”, Lynda Divito (Claire) “Engrossing”, Jennifer Erdmann (Chris) “Provocative”, Mark Farrell (Ken) “Compelling”, Dorian Lockett (Officer Welch) “Good Job”, Gabriel Marin (Glenn) “Always Enormous Talent”, Mark Anderson Phillips (Lenny) “Jaw Dropping Performer”, Sharon Rietkerk (Cassie) “Hilarious” and Kirri Shawn (Cookie) “Magnetic”. Everyone is fabulous in this play – especially the hard-working Lenny (Mark Anderson Phillips. His comic charm just didn’t quit. Well, that’s it. I’ve run out of praises!

Oh, there is one more praise – and that’s for Director Timothy Near. – She made it “Rock!” 

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! – (highest rating) –trademarked-


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