November 9, 2011


Jackson Davis - one of the stars in 'Oh Kay"

42nd MOON – “OH KAY!”
Poignant – Hysterical

It all starts out with dazzling pianist (Brandon Ames) at the keyboard. Most of us are familiar with the musical “Oh Kay” – and it sounds and looks like “Kay” will be back another time. Why? ...Because -- the Gershwin musical still sparkles after all these decades.

Theresa Byrne (Kay) is a strong presence in this freshened up musical. Her operatic version of “Someone To Watch Over Me” – gives a new look to one of the greatest songs ever written.

“Oh Kay” is pretty heavy on the dialogue – but that is the way it was put together in the 20’s. But still – with singers that are simply marvelous you know why this musical has endured over time.  Here is the recipe. Get a great Troupe together that is really funny and charming. Then put them on the stage could anyone not like it?

Director Maureen McVerry has done a wonderful job in keeping up the pace in this tuneful Gershwin musical. By the way, the sound quality was superb in the Theatre. I also got a kick out of watching the magical changes in the furniture on stage. One minute you are in a mansion and the next you are out on a wonderful patio. Quick changes happen really fast. Remarkable.

“Oh Kay” of course is a love story sung by the captivating actors. The song “Do, Do, Do – is such fun to hear. The popular song went on to sell plenty of records in the past and still people seek it out. 

The Choreographer, Staci Arriaga is a stage wizard that keeps those high steps moving. Also loved the exceptional Lighting design by Mazz Kurzunski. And the Costumes to die over are by Stephanie Finader. Ron Gasparinetti is an amazing set designer. He can design my place anytime. It needs it.

The Cast is “Firecracker funny” and sometimes hysterical – but they bring “Oh Kay” every actor you ever wanted to see on stage. Here is the Powerhouse cast: Teressa Byrne, Jackson Davis (really funny), Alanna fox, Kathryn Han, Christina Ingram, Craig Jessup, Erica Kimble, Tyler McKenna, Lisa-Marie Newton, Amie Shapiro, Brian Yates Sharber. Stephen Vaught, Zack Thomas Wilde and Skye Wilson.


AT THE 42nd Street Moon Theatre at the Eureka Theatre on Davis Street. 

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