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October 14, 2011




Does her husband know that she is having an affair? Courtesy Photo from movie Happy, Happy.


TALK ABOUT MISERABLE PEOPLE – Two couples get together. One couple leave the big city (France) to find a new life in the country. They found a house where is snows pretty much all the time. Each couple has a son. One couple’s son (the city folk) adopted a black boy. The white kid likes to make up games. He makes his black buddy act like a slave. That part of the movie is not funny.

However, there are some really good chuckles in 
this movie. The couple that owns both of the houses hasn’t had sex with each other for a long time. Turns out her husband, is a closet Gay. He try’s to kiss the husband of the other couple. Yes, I know it’s confusing.

The Husband (the straight hunk) in the rental house is more interested in the woman who married the Gay Man. His lifestyle is to run around naked in snow up to his knees. The Danish have so much fun – and don’t mind freezing to death.

The infidelity turns the couples against each other. The sneaking around days now over – the Rental couple moves back to France and the snow bound couple stay in the snow. Only difference is that the Gay Man moves to the Rental Unit and his wife and son live in the other house.

The Nuanced performances keep you intrigued. Of course the best thing about the movie is the sexual steam. It just about melts the snow.


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ADAM BOCK’S adaptation of Phaedra is “Hot”! Only thru Oct. 23 at

There is a Dark Mystery in town. See and hear it at the Phoenix Theatre. It’s called “Man Without A Mask” and takes place in SF.

HAIR WILL OPEN SOON at The Golden Gate Theatre. The hair will be flying around the stage in this magnificent hippie era musical. Watch out – cause they do come down into the audience. The score is absolutely magnificent. And of course, there is the veiled nudity.

Looking forward to A.C.T’s production of “Race” this coming week. You always get wonderful and intriguing shows at A.C.T. at the Geary Theatre. Opens next Wednesday.

At Stage Werx is “Previously Secret Information”. Brand new stories -- will be told by Paul Myers, Rachel Swan, Rachel McDowell and Joe Klock. 446 Valencia St. SF. 

(Lee Hartgrave has contributed many articles to the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Datebook and he also produced and hosted a long-running Arts Segment on PBS KQED))) 

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