July 21, 2012


A Scene from 'To Rome with Love' Courtesy photo



Woody Allen is in the movie. Allen is just as clever and perky now as he has ever been. And he has not lost his directing touch.

The film can get a little confusing in the four different plots. Trying to figure out who and what each plot is about, it can be a little tricky.

Alec Baldwin plays a role of a famous architect. Baldwin’s part is very strange. Half of the time it’s like he is in a group of people talking, but they don’t hear him. Is he dead? You figure it out. On the other hand he converses with some of the people in the movie and other times they don’t seem to know that he is even there. Ummm – very confusing. Strange that they don’t intersect.

Woody Allen has plenty of funny lines to throw around. And that’s why he’s in the movies. Also Roberto Benigni (remember him from the Academy Awards when he walks on the back of the Theatre chairs?)In this movie he wakes up one day and discovers that he has become a national star in Rome. Believe it or not – he became famous for saying things like: “I got up this morning.” Yep – that’s it. People want to know what he will say tomorrow – and he gives them this. “I had breakfast this morning”. His fans love it and follow him everywhere. It’s just hilarious.

There are lots of gorgeous women in the cast – Ellen Page, Alessandra Mastronardi, Penelope plays a hot looking high-class prostitute in a very tight dress that covers very little. Tsk, Tsk – what is this world coming to?

Well “To Rome with Love” will make some bucks – it will not be as “hot” as Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” – but like the Paris Movie – “Rome” is just as gorgeous. The Italian comedy is a riot. At times it even reminds of Sacha Baron. All in all this entire Movie is probably much, much better than what is playing around town. Summer time is not the best time for movies. Woody Allen gives Rome a Special Glow. It’s a tale full of love and beauty. I say – “It’s Bright and Charming!”

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