April 17, 2014



British Love Comedy 

This is a cozy pair. He is College lecturer Nick. He has a wife. They leave England to Paris for what they think will become a fabulous 30th wedding anniversary. They are both middle aged -- but they both are soured on the entire scene. 

Paris is not really their cup of tea. Sure it has charm here and there -- and walking the streets of Paris is lovely. The Wife is Meg. She is constantly grumpy in Paris. He is the Husband Nick (Jim Broadbent). She (Meg) complains. Yes, she is not happy. 

Nick tries to sweeten things up, but Meg wants more. She insists that they stay at a fabulous Hotel. He says O.K. -- but they have no more money to spend. So what do they do -- they run out the door without spending money. 

The Cast is Great -- the plot is lame. Jeff Goldblum is still around -- and his persona brings bright lights to the screen - that's good. It wasn't the fault of the actors. The direction was a complete flop. 

Like most marriages - it wears out as we get older. She wants new love -- and he suffers when he finds out that she indeed is looking for a younger man. 

The ending is this: They are going back to England. They have no money -- and will have to do with what they have. Will they end up happily ever after? I say no! But the streets of Paris are gorgeous - but boring. 

RATING: Three Stars***or Three Glasses of Champagne!!! You can't have both

(((Lee Hartgrave has contributed many articles to the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Datebook - and he produced a long running Radio Entertainment and Arts Segment on PBS KQED - 7 Years))) 

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