July 25, 2013


Mads Mikkelsen - Courtesy Photo 

This is a an ambitious story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The plot is very intricate and I would not want to reveal too much. 

The main character Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) is certainly one of the most exciting actors that I've ever seen. The movie (The Hunt) was more or less based on a real true incident. 

The film starts out in a very quiet town. There is much beauty all around -- and all the Town people seem to adore each other. Well, the walls of peace and quite have fallen apart. 

Here's the deal. There is a very nice little girl who loves 'Lucas'. He walks her to school to make sure that she gets there. Later -- she writes a love letter to him. Lucas tells her that she should give that letter to someone her age. However, that is not what she has in mind. Remember the old Black and White movie called "The Bad Seed?" Well, this sweet little girl turns out to be somewhat of a witch and bitch. She tells everyone that she sees in school that Lucas, her friend had touched her body. Of course, that reaches every house in the small town.  

Wow - that blew the whole damn village to hell. One little lying girl has everyone in town out to get Lucas. No one wants him around. They want him to get out of town. 

This film brings tears to your eyes. There are many emotional scenes among the lush landscape. What once was beauty has now become ugly. The little girl is a liar. She ruins the life of her best friend. This is a gritty statement of what people will do when they really don't have the truth. 

It happens all the time. And that is why men should never let little girls or boys get too close to elder people -- unless their parents are always around. Children (as they say) should not hang around with adults unless their parents are with them. 

It's always on the headlines. For Lucas it is a frightening experience. He may be accused -- but he didn't do it. 

Mads Mikkelsen (the accused) is a fantastic actor. The kindergarten girl Annida Wedderkopp plays the girl (The Bad Seed) and she is perfect in the role.


Rating: Four Boxes of Popcorn!!!! (highest rating) - trademarked- 

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