July 30, 2013



Well, it will all come back to you at the Shelton Theatre. It's like watching a stop motion adventure. The story starts out rather calmly as Michael and Veronica -- and Annette and Alan -- seem to be very calm as they talk about their two kids...that got involved in a playground fight. One of the kids hit the other kid in the face with a stick...causing some tooth loss. 

The foursome are very uncomfortable. Sure they start out civilly enough - but as the night gets darker - the four Parents get into huge arguments. This is where the similarity comes in -- Virginia Woolf  drank lot you know...as Alan, Veronica, Annette and Michael do in the play "God of Carnage". Hope this is not too confusing -- and believe me, I didn't have a drink.  

The contrasting couples get into a real mess as things begin to really get wild. The booze drinking brings out what they really think of each of the parents. Actually -- the parents also begin to hate their spouses. 

This play has two subjects. There is the school bully and a drug with serious side effects. Both very topical. But the play is really about relationships. If they were on the famous Titanic they would really be in big trouble. Yep -- they were sinking, but they kept their heads above the water. But even though, they would like to strangle each other - however, the story is really about relationships. By the way, this play has many hilarious moments, along with the angst.  

The set is both artistic and realistic. The acting was uniformly outstanding and the audience was totally enthralled. They stood up, and wildly applauded. Now, you can't get any better than that. 

HERE ARE THE SERIOUSLY AWESOME CAST: Matt Shelton as Alan, Lilly Sauvage as Veronica, Hayley Saccomano as Annette and Norman Gee as Michael (*Appears courtesy of Actor's Equity) --"A Masterpiece...Stunning performances!"  

Very Accomplished Direction by Lisa Drostova. Managed by Rich Sargent, Music by Charlie Gurke, Set Photos: By Jenny Lemper, Set Artwork, by Cedric Wentworth and, Set design by Matt Shelton and Adam Stowers. 

GOD OF CARNAGE by Yasmina Reza
(Now playing at the Shelton Theatre near Union Square) 

(((Rating: Four glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) -trademarked

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