April 30, 2013


ANGELS' SHARE - Courtesy photo
Cops made them show what is under
the Kilts


Director Ken Loach has sent us on a very funny Road Trip. It's almost like "Pulp Fiction" -- but this is more humorous than that movie. Now, you may think that 'Angel' starts out with very little humor -- you are right for a few moments as young people fall into a path of drugs and crime.

This was a Thugs life -- but there are a couple of people who try to patch up the young guys broken life. He's destitute, and he lives in the worst parts of the city. But, what begins in this guys life -- is brought us to an addictive thriller. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Hard to take your eyes off of this quirky story, as this young troubled boy finds a way out of his heartbreak and madness.

The young man and his friends find out about a barrel of whiskey that will be bought at Auction by an American. The American is duped into thinking that this is just the rarest whiskey in the world. Oh, OH, there is a trick along the way. You see, one of the Thugs has decided to steal some of the treasure and sell some of the rare stuff.

The Actors are terrific as they try to get out of the gutter. But here is some good luck. Their future turns into a "Gold Mine" so to speak. The movie is a little - like "Trainspotting" - but not as funny. Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is the main character in the movie - and he takes a lot of knocks (on his face) -- but Robby and his friends come out very well as the story wraps up. The entire cast is "A Hilarious Combination."  Oh, and there is this: There is a lot of salty language. Well Heck, these guys grew up on the other side of the tracks. What do you expect?

I loved the part when the gang of guys and one girl appear in Scottish Drag. Two Glasgow cops pull them over on the way to the Wine Palace. This is really funny: The Glasgow cops tell the three boys to "lift the front and lift the back of the colorful Kilts" Of course it was pure harassment by the Cops- but the audience was in stitches - including me.


Rating: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) -trademarked-

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Landrew said...

You really have me hooked to see this film now.