April 8, 2013



HERE'S THE TIDBITS:  "SHOW ME YOURS" - (songs of innocence and 
experience) at the Alcove Theater. 



SHOW ME YOURS - AND I'LL SHOW YOU MINE - is a fun and strikingly original musical. Each song by the players is truly compelling. Here is a brief take: "Love can be a riddle. Please meet me in the middle. This moment so rare. I choose you to share. Though, in love I've been scarred. Should I, drop my guard? Just me and you. One made of two." - from Chorus one. Love this Lyric: "Maybe you're gay. Maybe just clueless. Baby, either, You're at the top of my to -do list! Knock! Knock" The door is open. Come on in!" 

These songs of innocence and experience by Pen and Piano - The Resident Writing Company of New Musical Theater of San Francisco really know how to put words together. There are many touching moments in this musical: For instance -- I loved this clip. "It's strange. it isn't a Ceiling or floor. It isn't a window or door. A Tunnel that someone plans to build. A segment of space unfilled." The lyrics alone are very intriguing -- but when  the lovers sing on the stage - well....it's like anything that has ever been done on this new venue. The excellent singing by the cast just takes your breath away!

HERE IS THE STUNNING, EXCELLENT CAST! CHLOE  CONDON - JACQUELINE DE MURO - TIM HOMSLEY - SHEELAGH MURPHY AND TOM REARDON. All in all, their renditions are dazzling and gripping! The enitre evening is inspiring and uplifting. You'll feel good. DON'T MISS!

THE WRITERS AND COMPOSERS: Paul James Frantz (Composer Lyricist). Jerome Gentes (Lyricist). Richard Hefner (Composer Lyricist). Richard Hefner (Composer, Lyricist) - Plus: Richard Isen - Richard Jennings, Sandy Kasten - Andrew Klein - Denise Wharmby's and Pamela Winfrey. They certainly made the evening marvelous and touching. Artistic Director Anne Nygren Doherty's group decided to write about sex and relationships in this full length plot driven musical. Hooray for "Pen and Piano".  

(highest rating) -trademarked- 

TINSEL TARTS IN A HOT COMA  - Mar. 28 - June 1, 2013 

Book by Scrumbly Koldwyn and Sweet Pam Tent
(It's a lot more fun than Cracked "NUTS" on the New Bay Bridge)

 TINSEL TARTS BELIEVING IN THE IMPOSSIBLE. They might even ask questions like: "Can I star in anything?" Yes, you can you amazing little Tinsel Tart. What would you like to play? - Wonder Woman? Well Tinsels I'll tell you this: You're show is better than anything on Broadway. Oh sure -- they kicked you out of N.Y. - but then, New Yorker's didn't expect Naked Cowboys. They told you what? That the release date of your show was postponed? Did Tom Orr make a wrong career move? But maybe you showed a little too much at the Church of Scientology. And when someone sez, you're Great -- Don't say "I know!" The other Tinsel Tits don't like that. You ARE the girl from Gossip Girl, right? 

O.K. it's all in fun. New York just doesn't know anything about fun. They give Tony Awards to the most dreary and boring shows that I have ever seen lately. But not "Tinsel Tarts" -- you will bend over with constant laughter. One even tried to spank me. 

The Three Original cockettes: Scrumbly Koldewyn, Sweet Pam" Tent, and Rumi Missabu in this re-imagined 1971 "movie musical" romp. Here are the stars: Abhimanyu Katyal, Annie Larson, Mister Wa Birdie-Bob Watt, Bonni Suval, Bruna Palmeiro, Carlos Barrera Dalton Goulette, Diego Gomez, Erick tyson Wertz, Gerri Lawlor, Jim Jeske, Jim Toczyl, Kady Monroe-Tracey, Leigh  Crow, Megan Putnam, Michael Soldier, Miss Sheldra, Nancy French, Noah Haydon, Paul Loper, Raya Light, Russell Blackwood, Steve Bollinger, Steven Satyricon, Ste Fishell, Ton Orr, Zelda Kiznofski and ZsaZsa Lufthansa (I think I was on that Boat). 

This show is Eye-Poppingly Scary? I guarantee a Screaming good time!" Sorry- but Hello Dolly couldn't make it. Or was it makeup? Oh Well - it's a gorgeous surprise! And it all takes place at San Francisco's hidden and fascinating Theatre underneath the Freeway. Oh, and the parking is free. The Hypnodrome Theatre -575 10th Street., S.F. between Bryant and Division. 

(((FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) -


The premiere the Broadway premiere of Carnival was on April 12, 1961 at the Imperial Theatre. The original cast starred Anna Maria Alberghetti as Lili and James Mitchell as Marco. Carnival was noted at the time for it's innovative staging. There wasn't an overture, except for the playing of an Accordian. The music was enchanting. The staging then was simple as it is now. The sets are simple but easily moved about. 

Throughout the play actors enter the stage from various places. The marvelous singing in this production in San Francisco keeps this revival from falling off the stage. Why it has not appeared for such a long time is puzzling to me. Lucky for us - 42nd Street Moon has given us all the elements of a fairytale. Bob Merrill the first composer and lyricist of Carnival made the show a huge success. Now in SF Greg MacKellan has sprinkled magic dust on the show. 

It has always been acclaimed for its simplicity and compassion from Broadway and onward. It still brings smiles and love to worldwide audiences. 

Here are some of the characters: Lili becomes the pawn in a fierce rivalry for her affection between Marco the Magnificent, the troupe's magician and Paul Berthalet, is the puppeteer that has an injured leg. There is jealousy and a little bit of Bi Polar jealousy. Both of the men are trying to charm Lili away. 

The wonderful music (like 'Love Makes The World Go Round'). The pathos is perfectly blended with the comedy. It sure is "America's Magical appeal that will keep audiences coming back for more. 

HERE IS THE MARVELOUS AND TALENTED CAST: Ryan Drummond, Ashley Jarrett, Katherine Leyva, Michael Doppe, Rudy Guerrero, Adrienne Herro, Katherine Leyva BrieAnne Martin, Dyan McBride, Bill Olson, Jordan Plutzer, Nathaniel Rothrock, Kyle Stoner, Stephen Vaught. - A WONDERFULLY GREAT AND TALENTED TROUPE. 

Director GregMacKellan - made this a stylish fun evening. 

Dave Dobrusky (Musical Director) always gives us happy feet. 

And the tremendous Jayne Zaban gave the show the highest-octane show that I have seen in ages. 

Follow the show: www.42ndstmoon.org. 

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) -trademarked- 


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