February 2, 2013


Sarah Nina Hayon and Sean San Jose. Photo: Jennifer Reiley

By Octavio Solis

There is a man and a woman in a dingy looking one room Apartment. They both are worn out, sprawled across from each other on a cheap looking table. They do eventually wake up with an empty memory and they have drug paraphernalia in their arms. They have that wondering look. They are thinking – how did they get here, and who are they?

Through a series of dramatic flashbacks we learn that the Woman fled an abusive husband with the man who she met through a wrong number. She marries her rescuer and becomes pregnant. The husband catches up with them twice and claims the baby as his. They ponder about maybe moving to Daly City, the ultimate degradation. Happy Ending? Confused audience. 

This is a story that brings up memories to a past. There is a daughter that is in a crib. But, here is a puzzle. Is there really a baby in that Crib – or is it a hallucination? Don’t ask me. I’m as confused as they are. O.K. here is another puzzle – it’s hard to figure out. But wait – all of a sudden two more people storm through the door. A man breaks down the cheap door and claims that the still unseen baby is his baby. The turbulence gets more demanding.

Well, everyone in the story is angry. One minute they seem to love each other. And a few minutes later the room turns into a dangerous boiler room.

Oh, and by the way. The only thing you can see in the Crib is a chicken leg. Vespa (the Woman) doesn’t know what the hell is going on. She says: “We’re still trippin!” Well, hell yes you are. Vespa goes on to say: “My senses tell me that something crazy happened in the middle of our dope.” She says: “I don’t fucken know a damn thing!” Wow – talk about not knowing about a ‘fucken’ damn thing! Well, I’m with her here. I don’t know a 'f#c*en' thing either. Hey – I’m pulling out hair here. Maybe we should just be patient.

You may wonder – do they drink in this play? Of course they do. Drain that down your throat with the needles – and you’re on a high wire evening baby.

Her man Mike says to Vespa: “Shit, babe, maybe we are ghosts and the kid’s the only real one here.” I’ll check and see.

I don’t know myself – but so far – I don’t think I saw a real baby. Maybe I did – and got confused. However I do know this. This is the most entertaining, frightening play that I have come across. Solis is truly a great writer. Every word bounces off the page. What we get here is “Authentic Atmosphere!” It sure is powerful and absorbing. 

The miraculous Actors are: Man (Mike, Migel, Miki) ‘Sean San Jose’, Woman (in her early 30’s) Sarah Nina Hayon, Abel (Rod Knapp), Girl: (Karina Gutierrez). The Actors are unpredictable, and masterful. They are the most indelible images I’ve seen on a stage.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Reiley


(((Rating: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

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