September 27, 2010



JANIS PAIGE WAS A HUGE PRESENCE IN THE 40's, 50's, 6o's and 70's, and she is still putting on a show of all shows. She does it all. She sings, she tells stories about her showbiz days in movies, Broadway and Las Vegas. Each story is revelatory and fun to hear. Paige, of course was friends with fellow performers Frank Sinitra, Fred Astaire (was in a movie with him). All in all she has been entertaining all of her life. She worked for all the power house movie directors and movie studios. And at 88 years old -- she still remembers all the words to the songs and never missed a beat on her background stories of Stars that she worked with. 

There is so much charm in this show filled with love. We loved her - and she loved us. It was mutual, and that is what makes her so irresistible. Paige is Witty, Wise and full of happy surprises. For instance - I was bowled over with her sincere, wonderful version of "Never Said Goodbye" form the Musical 'Sunset Boulevard." The was no need for hysteria in that song -- it was absolutely fabulous with Paige's soft and emotional rendering. If that doesn't get to you -- then maybe you need a medical checkup. Cause, if you don't feel anything-- then you're dead. 

Janis Paige is backed by her pal and piano player Bill Schneider. Together they make beautiful music. 

Paige is really a trouper. She has to remember all the words because she is practically blind and can't depend on notes. When Critic Richard Connema took a picture of Paige and myself after the show -- I had to tell her who I was because she couldn't see me. By the way, she looks great and even kids about 'Did she have some work done or not? She said: "Oh yes - she had work done!"  Paige looks to be more like she's in her mid-seventies or less. Looking that glamorous at that age is astounding. I must talk to her doctor -- to see what he can do for me. 

Paige does a tribute to Fred Astaire and to Frank Sinitra. She also did a tribute to several Song Writers that she worked with over the years. One of the songs that will stick in my brain for a long time is the Jack Siegel song "Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart".  The melody is so captivating and the lyrics so sincere that it's hard not to well up with emotion. 

PAIGE is a Triumph! I would like to See it again. And Again."  But alas - tonight is the last night at the Rrazz Room. The show is at:

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