April 29, 2009


By Lee Hartgrave April 29, 2009


Oleta Adams is a honey voiced musical star. And lucky for us in San Francisco, she will be appearing at the Fab Rrazz Room in the Hotel Nikko on O’Farrell Street.

One of the reasons that Adams is so great is probably due to her early training in classical music. It paved the way for her to find her own niche in the music world where she was able to extend her vast talents beyond just vocals into songwriting as well.

Adams has a vast dedication to bringing out the sparkle. She can take songs of Elton John, Bernie Taupin and Gershwin and make them glitter like newfound Gems. Her quality of singing and performing is right up there with Dinah Washington and Billie Holiday.

Adams can bring you to tears with songs like “We Will Meet Again” and “I Knew You When.” Her styling is truly original.
This soulful and jazzy singer is just the kind of thing you need for these cool and breezy San Francisco nights. Have some wine – mellow out, and let O.A spark your evening. If you liked the legendary Anita Baker – then you are going fall in love with Adams. Oleta Adams will only be at the Rrazz Room Thru this coming Sunday. The opening is tonight, and I think that you should surrender yourself to a great treat.

Forget politics and the office. Just kick back and fall into a dreamy, glossy evening of upbeat and fantastic singing.

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