April 7, 2009


Lee Hartgrave Reviews April 7, 2009



Suede is a “hottsie totsie” singer like a wild horse out on the range. And it’s this wild free-form style of singing that the audience loves. Suede – like Frank Sinatra does it her way. And her way sends ripples of joy through the audience.

Suede takes a song like “Teach Me Tonight” and gives it new life. It’s already a beautiful song – but when Suede adds her special arrangements to the song – it’s a whole new world. It ‘teaches’ us that there is more to the song than we ever realized. Listen, she could turn a rock into a hunk of gold. And she does!

Her new CD is “Dangerous Moods” and the name really means something. There is something about “Suede’s song styling that puts you into that secret dangerous place. On the title song – Suede Growls and Purrs like the wind blowing thru the Grand Canyon.

There couldn’t have been more excitement than Suede’s rendition of “Gravity” from the musical hit “Wicked” that is now playing at the Orpheum Theatre. You know what – she should be the Witch in that show. Her great range shows that gravity can never hold her down. SHE FLYS! And without a Broom! And, of course the audience practically peed in their pants. She’s the perfect singer for our times.

Now outside the Nikko Hotel, people passing by probably thought there was a major disturbance inside the Lobby – but no, it was just the audience screaming from more. Suede was glad to accommodate as she picked up a ‘Small” Guitar, she looked at the audience and said in her wry way: “I know some of you are thinking. ‘Oh Man’ – is she a Lesbian?”

Suede likes to joke around a lot with some ‘double entendre’. For instance she says to someone in the audience: “Like to Dance? I like to lead when I dance.” Suede tells us that she drove all the way here from Palm Springs in one day with her Guitar in tow with the Top Down. Someone in the audience yelled out “Which Top?” Suede replied pointing at her ample breasts: “This top was down – the Continental shelf.” With that she launched into the most beautiful rendition of “My Romance” that I have ever heard. The sultry rendition wowed the audience so much that I was afraid that it might encourage some hanky panky right on the tables. When finished with “Romance” Suede says: “That was Good for Me. That made ‘Diva’ happy.”

Talking to the audience about the evening she said: “I could do this without the audience – but it wouldn’t be the same.”

TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT TO SEE SUEDE AT THE RRAZZ ROOM AT THE CORNER OF MASON AND O’FARRELL (Hotel Nikko) Lobby Floor. Explore the power of great singing as it blows through the Nikko Lobby. Remember – real Fans don’t wait in line – they buy tickets in advance. CALL THE RRAZZ ROOM FOR TICKETS.

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