October 26, 2015


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Skin of Civility 

by Philip Kan Gotanda 

Directed by Michael Moran 

Featured by Rinabeth Apostol*, Keith Burkland* , Derek Fischer, Rosie Hallet, Lisa Hori-Garcia* , and Jason Kapoor* 

Skin of Civility used the first date (a new couple) from very different worlds that began with generations that negotiations of power, sex and death.

This was a FREE event. It was a treat to share , a wine and a friend at the San Francisco Playhouse. There will be other exciting treasures. 

One of the older men told the gent that he liked to F****. He liked to watch Ballgames and Bigger and Large as it kinda swings back and forth. He pulses as he let us see him get away from him - but he does like to drink everyday. 

He's been told that he gives a Good Blow B-Job - and he likes to includes many that may have corked his Ass. Why is he telling this story? He will "Kiss your Feet Together." I'm going to pull-up a chair he says!

Hoop for your Mother - she is supposed to live longer for you and him. There is another women is looking for more news. She has done this before. You know - a good time! The good looking older (Jack) tells his girl friend that she is 31. She seems to like the woman (Jack). 

Everyman get exciting for older Men. Hold my Breath. She will more than you can with the man. She wants to talk to the younger, charming women. She wants to find lots and lots of money. There is a lot of money for the older man. He sez - he wanted money for the charming lady. And he does get it advantages. His father pulled off his Balls. It's not a Game. He smells of wood and death. But then, he waits for the young person that waits until you may die. He said -  don't want to get Married to you. I changed my mind. "Why did you have the Balls? The guy sez?

 The stage "Loved it". Everyone in the cast found that they were memorable. Hope to see them all on the stage again. The good full production on the stage is marvelous! 



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