September 24, 2015



Directed by Brian Katz 

With Sam Bertken, Katie Robbins, and David Raymond

This is this days of Youth that follow lost young souls. The 19 year-old "Warren" stole $15,000 - from his abusive father. He's not thrilled. His friend Dennis hides plenty money. He plans to hide and get a great drug deal. He hopes to score romance with shy Jessica.

The Boys dropped and sniffed stuff. Well, at least they were going to before - but it dropped it all over the floor. One of them have intense gorgeous eyes. The other Boy was sleeping on the bed. He's a tremendous handsome young man with good legs. 

This is a surprize. The pretty girl had sex with her - and the young man had to do it. She didn't want it right away - but she did take it. Her boyfriend said: While you know now! The young man is extremely good looking - but sour. He sits in an old fashioned phonograph. It's a total look of "Playboy Magazine." 

Oh by the way - he wears Black shoes's and White bottom Strings. Plus he wears big Sunshine Glasses. He however - he gets pissed about something that really goes wrong. 

One of the boys found a brief case. He discovered a bunch of serious money - He said take it to a huge amount of money. He found tons of good money - and they all want to get. Drug deals are fascinating - but can ruin your entire being caustic - and scores making major bullying, to the younger guy. 

One Guy said: "You don't have Talent" - insulting himself - and so am I! 

HERE IS: SAM BERTKEN (WARREN.) BEHIND: KATIE ROBBINS (JESSICA) - DAVID RAYMOND (DENNIS) in the Custom made Theatre production of Kenneth Lonergan's This is Our Youth. PHOTO: CLAIRE RICE

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