June 23, 2015


GREAT - IT'S VIBRANT (Like Pixar's) "UP". It couldn't be better direction from Pete Doctor and co. The animation is fantastic story telling. 

This is marvelous. The audience just smiles all during the film. I'm sure that the children and adults witnessed something very special. The movie with the colors is absolutely the most exciting movie I've seen in years. At the screening - the audience was begging that it might be too complex for some kids - but many were thrilled. Fly me to the Moon. 

The Older people at the movie laughed out loud all through the show. Some of the movie is a little creepy - but then again it excites the songs and animation. They love you also. 

The colors on "Inside Out" is wildly wonderfully incredible incredible - and you will fall over, with the gorgeous humorous jokes. Yet - the story is well paced. The audience is certainly smiling. Kids get it - they know what they can do. 

There are emotional lighter moments. There is the bright side and the creepy side also. But - the audience is triumphant. It excites the songs and animation. I love you also! 

The movies around the world is where you will find tension that brings out loads of emotions. Everything fascinates me. The picture on the screen is unique and creative. I'm sure that 'Inside Out' brings out the best film this year. 

RATING: Six Stars: ****** or 
Six Glasses of Champagne ******

(Leave the Champagne to the Older people) 



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