May 29, 2015



Little Edie and Edith
In 1975, filmmakers drug out their swell cameras at their Grand estate for the well known Edith Bouvier Beale (Jackie Kennedy's Aunt) plus her daughter Little Edie, of course was younger. The older women is surrounded and ostracized from their town. As the time goes by - so does the money go by. They used it all up with the dozens of the cats and the raccoons. Well - they have to eat don't they? 

During 1971 and 1972 - the living conditions left the house - that now has to stumble across numerous cats and raccoons. The house is a disaster. Now they are deprived of running water and very little food. And... they won't want to eat the garbage and decay. But they have no course....the Beale Women faced bad days. The house is NOW a Train Wreck: Edith and Edie become very rigid individualists. Each Lady is very nasty to each other. They don't seem to care. Yep - at one time the Mansion was exoctic.

They did have great days at one time. They sang - they had someone play the piano -- and each one of them were Jealous. Oddly enough - the Girls could have done much for the Palace - but they failed for them. 

Lee Radziwill gave some necessary funds. She tried to repair the torn apart home now. Oh by the way....the home was called Grey Gardens due to the color of the dunes, and sea mist. 

Grey Gardens - the musical (San Francisco premiere of the award-winning musical) was at one time, a fantastic home that kept magical music filled with charm. As the singing at the huge home - is now a complete wreck - will they stabilize and repair a house that doesn't meet village codes?

It's a shame! They were too stern. They argued with each other day and night. Maybe that's the reason that they keep the cement garden walls that fall apart. This is the best Musical I have seen and heard in the world.

THE CAST: David Brown, Nathan Brown, Nandi Drayton Mary Gibboney, Gabrielle Jarvie, Julian Lustenader, AeJay Mitchell, Heather Orth, CC Sheldon, and Dave Sikula*

CREATIVE STAFF: William Campbell - lights, Cat Howser - stage Manager, Brooke Jennings* - costumes, Stewart Lyle* - scenic design, Kim Saunders" - choreography. 

*member, Custom Made Theatre Co.  

RATING: Six Stars: ****** or 
Six Glasses of Champagne ******

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