March 27, 2015

Regional Premiere - "Stupid F###Bird"



By Aaron Posner 
Press Opening: 8 pm, Saturday, March 21, 2015 

O.K - you might have never seen a play like this. Posner is bold and pushy. You want to have fun. Well - you'll get it on the stage perfectly. What we see is part alcohol and yelling sarcasm. 

The stage is really something. The plot is more characters than I have ever seen on the stage. Much of it is "The Seagull." Yes, there is love and loss and art and brains are trying to launch the pad. This play is an excellent production right now --- right on "Stupid F###ing Bird" puzzles me -- but there is a bunch of "Birds" on the stage. 

A plot is a plot. The players (seven main characters) of the "Seagull" sure as hell did not toss and turn. Well - we did sorta - especially up to when we got up to a grand romp - to Eleven this night. Oh's a long, long, story! One that keeps you on the edge of the stage. Talk about acting? If you love it - we all love the stage doing amazing, spirited works. It must nears the end, as it came to a little stretch -- but we came out for the chosen ones. Heck...there were only seven on deck. But it's great. 

A lot of stuff is going on the stage. There is some kind of Barn Dance stompers. Yeh - lets watch that for the next hoopla. To ask - or not to ask? Oh please don't -- I can't bare to let the cast go. 

The stage is rather bare - but there is a lovely looking small kitchen. It certainly is charming. Some of them swirl around with each other. Probably ask: "Do you know how much the Tix Cost?" 

The play is not boring - and never will be. I'm sure that Aaron Posner will make everything will like roses. Actually - there were some flowers on the stage. 

Oh, and there is some sex and alcohol. Do you really think it is? I doubt it. But the madness on the stage will lust for everything. 

THE ACTORS: THEY ARE: EI Beh, Martha Brigham*, Joseph Estlack, Carrie Paff*, Adam Magill, Johnny Moreno*, Charles Shaw Robinson*. 

By Aaron Posner. Directed by Susi Damilano. Press Opening: 8pm, Saturday, March 21, 2015

AND THERE YOU ARE: Six Stars ****** 
or Six Glasses of Champagne******

Now playing at the San Francisco PLAYHOUSE
On Post Street

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