October 1, 2014


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This is the most intriguing adult marketing strategy that I have seen. If you are curious beyond chameleonic-well then, here are three experts that are desperate to please Mr. Big. But who is Mr. Big working for? A government agency? Are there motives good or evil? A religious extremist with genocide on his mind? 

Well, none of that gets answered - but the play is brilliantly acted. Well, here is what I think. It's all a multimedia pull-out-the stops. I think? I think and know that they all are corrupted by humans. 

Gripping emotional questions get real answers -and the play is brilliantly written. Near the end there will be a enormous climax as the standing ovation was gets completely overwhelmed. 

Everything is in this Twist. It's inventive irony and language that will absolutely keep you on all edges. Many twists reveal certain themes. Is anyone sane together. Nope! But, Oh - the appeal. 

They wear themselves out on a huge chalk board. They wear themselves over what they write - and wipe it away. Then they start over -- nope, that didn't work over. No one in the room seems to agree with each other. Yes, they are commanding effortless and astonishing. The youngest man just doesn't know what to do in this trust and faith moments. Who would?  

At first they are mild with everyone in the room. But the chalk is like putting makeup on and then erase it. They make great claims about what they will do -- but as time goes on the facts that just don't come together. It starts with a group that seems that they will never get beyond an emotional level. 

Sure there is great flair in the nail-biting seat. However - you will never forget this nail-biting experience. Believe me - it's an addictive thriller. Simply Brilliant!

It reaches a terrific climax that is brilliantly written and superbly acted. And wow...what a standing ovation. 

SPELLBINDING ACTORS: Ben Euphrat* as Scooter - Jason Kapoor as Sandeep - Carrie Paff* as Hannah - Mark Anderson Phillips* as Ted - L.Britt Ervin as J.D (voiceover - Greg Ayers* (understudy) Tiiu Eva Rebane* (understudy)

Set Design - Bill English 
Costume Designer - Abra Berman
Stage Manager - Maggie Koch*
Casting Director - Lauren English 

Directed by Aaron Loeb 

Lighting Design - Mark Hueske 

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