September 4, 2014



This Movie is worth the Look 

Indeed, love is very strange. Not everything is centered around love however, but very intriguing and methodically paced. In the film, love brings out glorious dialogue. And you will love along the pathway with older Gay Couples (John Lighgow and Alfred Molina.) One still works, but the other one (John) can't make any extra money. They have to split from time to time. 

They have friends and relatives when they have to share a small place. The friends at first don't mind take the guys into their home, but the humor begins to fall apart - as does their love affair. Also in the movie - two young boys gather in a small closet. What exactly goes on in that closet is not really know. I would guess that it would be called exploring in a dark small room. 

This a a gret-look movie that shimmers and shines. It's a design piece. Romance seems to be everywhere -- however, they are stumbling over the friendships and fantastic melodrama. There is a surprise near the ending of the film between the two Gay men. And I'm not going to tell you. He, why ruin it. Go see this emotional movie - it's well worth spending a few bucks at a comfortable togetherness. The movie is extremely heart felt. I'd see it again. 

The acting is exceptional. So get a hankie out an blot some of those tears.Believe me - it's emotional evening. George is a Catholic school music teacher - He go fired from the archdiocese. 

Fantastic movie! Now shows at many Theatres in San Francisco and other venues. 


These are the thought provoking Actors: John Lighgow as Ben - Alfred Molina as George, Marisa Tomei as Kate - Charlie Tahan as Joey - Cheyenne Jackson as Ted and Harriet Sansom Harris as Honey 

RATING: Six Stars****** - or Six Glasses of Champagne****** (your choice)  

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P.S - JOAN RIVERS DIED ON THIS DAY SEP. 4TH AT 81 Years. I know Joan and interviewed her many times. She was a Classic. I'll miss her. 

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