August 11, 2014


San Francisco
By Rhett Rossi - Directed
Directed by Susi Damilano

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HEY, STRAP YOURSELF IN. You're in for a thrill. It's sure as hell an excellent opportunity for outstanding acting. Here's the deal. It's a simple story about cops and a vulnerable black boy. Complicated? You bet. The cops are both fired up, as they try to get the young man to tell them what they think that they know. And Oh...One of the main characters is a closeted gay. 

Death on a Subway rack. Two detectives (both guys are Irish) really push hard, as they question a young man (black) was arrested. Both are cops. It seems that the push is becoming way beyond the atmosphere. In one moment, the young black seems to be able to leave the Cop Station. He almost made it to the door -- but just as he's told he could leave - the other Irish Cop demanded that he not leave yet. The Drama really knocks me out. I sat on the edge of what I felt. This whole story mesmerized me as if we were enclosed in confines. And guess what - that is exactly is what happened in the confines of the room. The word KILL brings unsuspected criminal exploits. Whose right and who is wrong? We might even expect "Death in small doses!" And you know's going to happen. 

My eyes became Hypnotic as we watched two cops who seem to want to put the young black man on a Guillotine. It didn't go quite that far - but Guns will be ready with bullets. Rise and fall will fail for everyone. The young Black is very troubled. His complications arise when deadly gunfire erupts. Yes, it's morbid -- but someone survives. The final fateful days have led up to tragic circumstances. And yes - someone fell under the Subway train. Very scary.  

The power and scope of this play is enormous. 

RATING: Six Stars ****** or - you might want to drink six glasses of Champagne ****** - it's your choice 

THE COMPLEX AND EXCITING STARS ARE: Mathew Baldiga, Charles Shaw Robinson*, Isiah Thompson and Michael Shipley*

Hooray for Director Susi Damilano. She never fails. Bill English's fantastic set keeps a tight and fast 90 minutes. Also - we get to listen to the rumble of a subway train. What else could you want?

RATING: Six Stars****** or - you might want to Drink Six Glasses of Champagne with your Stars******

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