September 26, 2013


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CARRIE THE MUSICAL - a *West Coast Premiere* will open on October 4th at the charming Victoria Theatre (16th/Mission), San Francisco. I'm sure that you remember Carrie - the Movie, it was great -- however the Stage musical is based of course it's based on Stephen King's novel. You know the story: Carrie White is bullied by kids at school. I think you're gonna love this musical. I can't wait. After all -- Ray of Light Theatre knows how to mount a blockbuster production. Remember "Jerry Springer the Opera"? It was a winner -- and I'm looking forward to meet "Carrie". The West Coast Premiere (16th/Mission) close to the Bart Station. 

SHOTGUN PLAYERS is bringing another awesome story 'Strangers, Babies' - written by Job Tracy. Have you tried to escape your past? Maybe you haven't tried hard enough. You'll find out more in McLean's circular drama. There are five vignettes that bring to the stage sharp humor and raw emotion. Begins on October 15th at the Ashby Stage. A perfect warm-up for Summer. 




He's young and still in school. Jack had not met anyone quite like Brad before. But, he seemed a little fey. This may have started out as a friendship -- but soon blossomed into something else. They had problems -- but they seemed to always fall back on "You're my best friend!" Brad opens up to Jack about everything -- but both boys do lots of flirting. The story is interesting - but it is overly long. The silliness of the boys gets to be a little boring. The only thing that goes on is the constant change of clothes (every few minutes). I suppose it's supposed to let us know that they are in different time frames. I give it a mixed review. It has its ups and downs. Eventually they go down on one of them - but very hidden. Going to school can make young men nervous wrecks. And many of them try to hook up with girls to make believe that they like the girls. We still don't know if the boys are truly Gay -- or if they are just having fun. But in this version -- they seem to want to jump all over each other. 
Now playing at the New Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.


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