January 12, 2012


Is the Boyfriend of Jon Moscone a Ghost or is he real? Photo: Kevin Berne


This is a story loosely based on a father and son relationship. The father is the well-known and loved Mayor of San Francisco. As you might remember – Mayor Moscone was shot by Dan White, who also killed Harvey Milk. It was a numbing time for all of San Francisco and a terrible time for Moscone’s younger son. The boy is on the edge of insanity as he greaves his loss. Jon Moscone (as a young boy) seems to dodge around many questions about his father.

Jon Moscone wanted this as a tribute to his father. But the story is more about himself – and his troubled mind. The play within a play tries to unravel some of the mystery – but only succeeds in muddling our brains as we try to keep up with the neuroticism.

One moment the play is fascinating, and the next it becomes a muddled mess. You could say – too much and too little time. His best friend says to Jon (the boy) – “I’ve never seen you act like this before.” But, alas – she didn’t seem to stop him from popping pills and guzzling some kind of drink.

This is a memory play, that I am sure is very dear to Jon Moscone, but I do think that the play is a tad over bloated. But wait – heaven does wait, you know. His father appears near the end of the story in a touching return to the son. Was he really there? Was it a boy’s nightmare? Was he a Ghost? I’m not sure. I do know that people that they love appear again, before they finally leave our presence. This was tears are flowing time. 

There is also this: Even though a Mayor was killed – the popularity in San Francisco’s White palace seemed to swirl more around Harvey Milk, than the Mayor. That’s O.K. – if they want to idolize only one, but it was Mayor Moscone who opened his door to seniors and gays. This story does give some insights into that.

I lost count on how many ghosts were on the stage. They popped up all over the place – crawling out of a coffin, and even a bed where a boyfriend of Jon’s crawls out of the mattress (It’s a puzzle. Was Jon’s sexy boyfriend real – or was he another Ghost?) It is all too ethereal. We have to presume much. So, it’s your call. You may see some things that I didn’t. Perhaps I need to get it all straightened out at a psychiatrist’s office. I must get rid of Jon’s dreams.

Here’s the total deal: There are some wonderful moments. The acting is Top Drawer and some of the best that I have ever seen.  But the play is way too long – some nip and tucks would be helpful. Hamlet where are you when we need you? Oh, there you are. Teacher Jon, admonishes a student (a friend and former actor sitting next to me) about Hamlet. NOW that’s a Ghost Story! I really did get the shivers – at last! When did it end? Oh, about 11pm.

HERE ARE THE BRILLIANT ACTORS: Danforth Comins, Ted Deasy, Peter Frechette, Bill Geisslinger, Isaac Kosydar, Peter Macon, Christopher Liam Moore, Tyler James Myers, Saria Ocon and Robin Rodriquez. PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR THEM.

Hooray for Tony Taccone (playwright) and Jonathan Moscone (Director).

Great Scenic Designer (Todd Rosenthal) – and the talented Meg Neville (Costume Designer.)

At the Berkeley Rep Thrust Stage 

Rating: Three Glasses of Champagne!!! –trademarked-

 ****courtesy of beyondchron

Christine receives Tony Award in N.Y. Courtesy Photo



Without a doubt, Ebersole has the most glorious voice on Broadway. She seems to choose her roles carefully, that’s why she is a stellar star.

Ebersole was a huge hit in “Grey Gardens” – a haunting musical with amazing performances. She won a “Tony” – and I couldn’t have been happier.

Here’s the deal. Christine has marvelous versatility. Her fine-tuned voice has fabulous clarity and precision that is rare. Talk about an incredible range. I’ll bet if you opened your windows, you could hear her all over the City.

Yep, Christine can change from comic alto to lyric soprano. Now, how many singers can pull that off? But you will notice this: ‘She can be brassy and sassy and subdued on love songs. She's probably (in my opinion) the best show around, the clever arrangements goes from clever wink to sassy nightclub. And now here is the best part. For one night only (Sunday the 15th) at the famous Venetian Room at the Top of Nob Hill a song bird of vast fame will sing from -- from the Fairmont Hotel.You're gonna love it!

Part of the evenings glorious moments is the entrance to the Grand and opulent lobby. I like to get there early so I can let the atmosphere sink in. There is only one show this evening at 5pm. I think the show is sold out – but give it a try. Maybe they might be able to squeeze a couple of tickets out for you.



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