November 15, 2010


   Nov. 14 2010

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It starts out as a pleasant documentary in the beautiful countryside of Tibet. Then along come the Chinese who takes away the tranquil lives of the Tibetan people. I would call it brainwashing -- as the Chinese blast musical themes with what they call “Publicity Groups” that are installed in each Tibetan Town.  The Chinese know that the Tibetans love their folk music with their own songs  “the Drinking Song”, The Milking Song”, The Butter churning song” and The Roofing Song.” Yes, the Tibetans were very fond of music.

The Chinese Government picked up on this love for music by putting up “Huge Boxes” – Speakers in each town. The ‘blasted’ message was always the same – wipe out the culture of Tibet…turn them into Chinese. They replaced with words that praised Chairman Mao.’  Lyric: ‘That’s Chairman Mao’s Radiance and that Laugh is Mao’s Goodness.’ Yeh – that’s a laugh.  You could call it ‘Poison Radiance.” Chinese pop schlock – didn’t impress the Tibetans.

The movie is part Documentary, part Tibetan history and Chinese cruelty. Many fled. The chaos pushed them out of their homes as the bombs showered them with so-called love bombs.

Still to this day – the Chinese are still working their “Mind Draining” Publicity. But, it’s not working.


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Erich Bergen - Courtesy Photo
TONIGHT:  One Night Only Cabaret. 7:30 Pm. Last chance to get a ticket for a musical evening that stars member os the tourst cast of "West Side Story", along with Erich Bergen (Jersey Boys), Jai Rodriquez (Rent, The Producers) - plus Jazz Singers Weslia Whitfield and Kalil Wilson. Where? - The Marines Memorial Theater, 609 Sutter St. 

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