May 19, 2010


 Pictured: Maureen McVerry. (Courtesy Photo             
42nd Street Moon)

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ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE is the big hit song in the musical “Very Warm for May.” Introduced in 1939 on Broadway – it didn’t last very long. Alas, it was a Broadway flop. Flash forward to 2010. It took that long – but now with the cast of 42nd Street Moon Theatre it is now a wonderful, fun and hilarious show.

In the current version at the Eureka Theatre they have restored much of the show that was cut along the way. Here are some of the great songs: “All The Things You Åre” – sung with a great arrangement from the original. Other musical highlights are “All in Fun” – “In the Heart of the Dark – Heaven in My Arms, and That Lucky Fellow.

The story is a little complex. But 42nd Street Moon has a blast with the Barnyard show. The director of the show in the play is bent on being esoteric. He has visions of taking a simple show and making it into something that makes no sense and never ends.

It’s a rare treat to bring this rare musical to life again. The Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein legacy lives on to entertain us again. And thanks to 42nd Street Moon for bringing us this rare musical comedy.

It’s superbly paced, cleverly plotted and totally absurd. The musical intentionally puzzles but pleases to no end. And then there is the camp, inching close to being somewhat gay.

Of course, there is a missing person.  A well-known producer is trying to find her. Everywhere you look -- there is love in the air, and in the end – they sing their hearts out.  

He’s back! That would be Bill Fahrner – a seventeen-year veteran of many Moon shows, plays with abandon a very erratic, over the top director (Ogdon Quiller). In the Broadway show Eve Arden was Winnie Spofford, the patroness of the Ogdon Quiller Progressive Playshop. This role is played and sung by the incredibly accomplished Maureen McVerry.

Peter Budinger is excellent as the ex-boxer who is also a theater critic. Anil Margsahayam who has been with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland for two years is back. In this play he is successful Broadway director (Johnny Graham) who is looking for his missing Sister May (Megan Hopp). She is great at hiding out. Vaudevillian Will Graham (Jeremy Vick) is absolutely fabulous.

Also giving terrific performances are: Sarah Kathleen Farrell, Luke Chapman, Robbie Cowan, Michelle Ianiro, Alexandra Kaprielian, Zachary Franczak, and Jimmy Robertson.

This is a sly, adroit and joyous musical. “A Must See!”

Musical Director. G. Scott Lacy & Dave Dobrusky (Great!) 
Choreographer Zack Thomas Wilde (Fantastic!)

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

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